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Gospel Trunk or Treat System
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The Gospel Trunk or Treat INCLUDES:

Gospel Trunk or Treat planning tools

How to share the Gospel in your Trunk or treat Outreach!

Most churches just give candy... they never get to the sweetest story of all! But we teach you exactly how to do a trunk or treat outreach that is centered on the Gospel story!
But more than that, it's a Gospel story that is fun and engaging... with a Gospel Script you can use to train your volunteers to be story-tellers at your church's trunk or treat event. 
Candy Through the Bible Trunk or Treat - coloring book
A fall church outreach with lasting impact...
If your church is planning a fall outreach, what if you provided something that kids could take home? Something that the kids could interact with? Something they could 

That's what the Candy Thru the Bible Coloring Book is!
Trunk or Treat Facebook ads
Social media ads, already prepped...
The Gospel Trunk or Treat was the most successful Facebook ad I've ever run. We got tons of engagement, comments and shares. In this package, I share the exact script we used, and the images as well. 

You can plan a Trunk or Treat outreach, with your marketing plans already prepped for you!
Volunteer training slides for your Trunk or Treat
Every church wants to know: How can we train more Trunk or Treat volunteers? What trunk or treat stations should we include? How can we decorate our trunk or treat trunks with a Bible story theme?

The Gospel Trunk or Treat system includes slides to train your volunteers and give them YEARS worth of ideas that our volunteers have developed!
Trunk or Treat plans you can print...
Want to share the Trunk or Treat outreach ideas with your congregation or your volunteers? Let me save you 100 hours of prep work by simply editing and printing what we already created for you. 

You can get these worksheets and signup sheets already "good to go" to fast-forward all your preparation for putting on a successful trunk or treat outreach this fall. 
Audio files in English AND Spanish... 
During COVID, we had to do our Trunk or Treat as a DRIVE THRU. We took the opportunity to develop the stories in an audio format. 

Even if you're not planning to do your Trunk or Treat ministry as a drive through, you can use our MP3 files as a training tool for your story-tellers!
Trunk or Treat planning is hard...
Sometimes, you have to take a risk to have something to WIN and CELEBRATE as a church. Sometimes, it takes something HARD to bring people together. 

I pray this will be that kind of event for you!

I know it will be a challenge to pull it off and do it well.... 

But let me make it easier to do something hard!
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
THE Trunk or Treat EVENT
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
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Chad Christiansen, In the Gap character building resources for kids
This is the best Trunk or Treat ministry outreach I have ever seen! The Gospel was powerfully presented through the Story Stations while still providing a very engaging experience.

And another great thing about it -- regardless of talent or experience, anyone from your church can be part of this ministry!

If you're wanting to take greater steps in impacting your community for Christ and to be a change-agent to turn one of the largest (and most evil) holidays of the year into an effective way to share Jesus in powerful, clear ways, I would encourage you to take advantage of these tools -- and overcome evil with good!

What if I saved you 100 hours?
What's Included?
in the Gospel Trunk or Treat outreach package?
  • Gospel Presentation Script "Candy Thru the Bible"
  • How To Do Engaging Follow-Up
  • Time-based Checklists so you don't miss details
  • Printable Coloring Book with Video Stories 
  • Supplies Lists - Scale Up to How Big Your Church Can Go
  • Letters to local businesses soliciting donations
  • ​Pre-designed Facebook Ads & call to action text
  • ​Info sheet for volunteers that you can customize and print
  • ​Slideshow of Trunk Station ideas to show your volunteers
...the easy way or the hard way?
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

How about some testimonials?

"an incredible night...at least 1,000 people."

email screenshot from a church that did the Gospel Trunk or Treat outreach and had 1,000 people
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